Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wild Bunch

Oil on Canvas 40"x30"
This piece, that I'm still working on, is a commission from my brother, Ralph, a landscape architect from Toronto, who owns Symmetry Design. He saw a grape painting I did two years ago, and decided he wanted one, bless his heart.
When you hold grapes up to the light, they actually look this colorful. It is a bit of an "eye candy" piece, where I want the grapes to pop out of the background with a bit of a wow factor. I am not sure if my brother is going to like this one, no matter though, he was kind enough to contact some Toronto galleries who have expressed interest, so if the painting isn't what he had in mind, I am quite happy to show it in a Toronto gallery.
I have recieved a lot of comments and I want to thank people for writing such kind words. Many folks are phenomenal artists themselves and the comments are very welcome and helpful.

Edwardian Garden

This is an example of my brother's work. He designs and builds gardens like this, where he transforms an ordinary urban or suburban back yard into a fabulous space that invites imaginative fantasies.

Monday, March 3, 2008


Oil on Canvas 40"x30"
This piece isn't done yet but I thought I may as well post. I am facinated by folds in cloth, and decided to focus on cloth as a subject. I have always found white objects to be particularly challenging, and this was no exception. The subleties in white are elusive, to put it mildly, and I wasn't interested in doing it monochromatically, which would look dead. Anyway, I think the piece has a life to it and works fairly well.