Monday, July 25, 2011

Homage to James Cameron

"Awake" Oil on Canvas 18x14 inches
This piece isn't quite done, but I wanted to post it since I haven't for a while.
I have chosen to do images based on Avatar to give me an opportunity to write about topics that are on my mind every day.
This image is based on the last frame in the movie, and it is when Jake becomes permanently alive in the body of his brother's Avatar. The message here is that we are Spirit first, having an experience of 3D reality, and in this case, Spirit can exchange one form of living being to another. The implication for us is profound and I think the sooner we remember this, the sooner we become aware of what the heck we are doing here now, where we really come from, and where we are going as a collective species.
Another implication is, if Jake's human Spirit could be transferred to another form, then it is possible that Jake's, and all humans in physical form, are a result of a Spirit intention, and or Spirit projection from another dimension. I know this sounds airy fairy, but I think that all people could benefit by contemplating the idea that we projecit ourselves here, from some other place, from some other deeper intention.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wild Bunch #7

Oil on Canvas 40"x30"