Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blue Plate #4

Oil on Canvas 22"x28"
This another work in progress and will be in the exhibition at the Ian Tan Gallery in Vancouver.
I keep experimenting with different painting processes. In this piece, I did not begin with an underpainting, which has been the usual way that I start. I am fascinated with the effects of glazed color, applied in thin layers, allowing the white of the canvas to come through. It is a bit daunting to start right into a painting directly on white canvas, however, the purity of color, and the luminescence makes it worthwhile. The effect I am intending is to imply an inner light source, an inner radiation, as well as the traditional "exterior" light source. I am hoping that the viewer will "get" the idea that the inner radiation is a metaphor for consciousness. Not only that we are consciousness, but that the "objective" world is consciousness as well. Metaphysical considerations have always been important on a personal level, and this piece is the first one where I have intentionaly implied some of my musings into a painting method.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Orange #4

Oil on Canvas 24"x48"
This is still a work in progress. I am moving away from the dark backgrounds, but will return to it when the mood for contrast hits. I am after transulency in the peeled orange segments, and am interested in the stark simple table top running horizontally. The table colour I made up, intending it to transition from the lights to the dark color below. This piece will be in a two person show starting April 18 at the Ian Tan Gallery in Vancouver, Canada.