Tuesday, November 30, 2010


cedar construction

I decided to work in 3D, partly because creating the illusion of 3D on a 2D surface got me thinking that perhaps working in 3D might lead to insights as to how the 3D matrix is created and sustained. After all, the brain decodes frequencies, like a computer, into what we perceive to be the real world, much like when we the end user, see what is on the web when we view the display screen. Well, I can't say I went very far down that road with this piece, but I can talk about the crows that are around our house. I began leaving food out on the deck railing to attract them closer so I could get a better look. It didn't take long before a couple of regulars would land on the deck railing and look through the kitchen window at my wife and I, and definitely signal that they were looking for handouts. I could see them observing our actions, and when we approached the loaf of bread, their favorite treat, they would start flapping wings, and generally show approval. When we took a slice out to the railing, they would scamper to the far end, and when we went back inside, they would hop right to the bread slices. They would put a claw on a slice to hold it down, and use their beak to tear off manageable portions. Once they stuffed their beaks to the limit, they flew off. We learned that if we did not look at them directly, and sort of used gentle vocalizations, they would not be threatened and we could get within about 4 feet or a little over a meter. The relationship continues to evolve.