Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blue Plate #3

Oil on Canvas 22"x28"
I chose a closer perspective on this piece, trying to emphasize the contrast in size between the similar round shapes. The highlighted plumb in the middle became the focal point, and I didn't want to overwork it. I kept it loose while retaining the complex detail and I think it worked well. One of the challenges in closeup is creating the right amount of texture. The lemon in the foreground has a certain amount, whithout looking like it has acne, which it did for a while. I had to de-emphasize the dimples and yet still give it some of that suggestion.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Blue Plate #2

Oil on Canvas 24"x36"

This is another older piece picked up by Ian Tan Gallery in Vancouver. What I was attracted t0 in the fruit was the contrast in size between the pears, orange, and the grapes. The folding striped cloth in the background is a judgement call in the sense of how strong to make it. I am playing with the idea of having the background be almost as important as the foreground.