Saturday, August 30, 2008

Take Five

Oil on Canvas 40"x20"

This is a larger version of the Blue Bowl with Pears. There is more contrast between the background and foreground in the painting than what the digital camera recorded. I am not particularly happy with the ceramic bowl. The actual color is quite dark all the way around, but I found that it became too heavy, so I lightened it on the right. I could work on it more, but at a certain point, one must move on. Oh well, not every painting is totally satisfying. At this scale, texture becomes more of a focus, and I spent extra time rendering the spots and bumps on the pears. Oddly, the stems became somewhat of an obsession; I couldn't stop laughing because they began to look hilarious. I didn't intend any humor when I began the piece, but it sure arrived during the process.