Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Orb with Folds

Oil on Canvas 24"x48"
My apologies for not posting in a while. I ran into problems with new canvases, where they didn't take the paint very well, and I botched a bunch of paintings. If any one out there can recommend a brand of Gesso that transforms the surface of a canvas into one that works well with glazing techniques, I would appreciate the info.
I'd like to thank everyone who commented, in particular Jeff Hays, who is a very accomplished painter, and Todd Ford, who exchanged links with me, and who does a distinct contemporary style of painting that I admire.
In this painting, my normal glazing approach didn't work due to the canvas, so I sort of had to learn to paint over again, using a lot more white than I am used to. I became fascinated with how the folds took on a sculptural quality and focused on that. I have had this silver orb for a while, and decided to use it with the cloth. I took my own reflection out of it, didn't think I would be all that interesting, and decided to have it reflect the sky. It took on a sort of surrealistic quality, kind of empty, but it also draws the eye in, suggesting a sort of infinity. Maybe it's just me.


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