Monday, August 8, 2011

Homage #2

Oil on Canvas 36"x24"
This isn't done yet.
My take on the scene is that it is set up to make Jake and Neytiri look like Gods. They appear to be collaborating in creating the world around them. In our cultures, Christain, Jew or Islamic, female energies have been degraded and play a very small part in the conception of an overtly male creator God. The Gnostics, before the early Christains went on an extermination campaign to wipe the Gnostics out, experienced the Creator as a female deity embodying the planet. The Greeks named her Sophia, meaning wisdom, and today we might call her Gaia. If it wasn't for Earth, we wouldn't have a place to live. i think Cameron's message is, the military Industrial Complex controlling the world now is basically insane. Without a deep connection to nature, economies that are structured around war are allowed to grow and basically become destructive parasites.
If you want to learn more about the Gnostics, check out, authored by John Lamb


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